Progress of Business Development Report PT CLIK

Progress of Business Development of LPIP
2022 was a challenging yet rewarding year. During the year CLIK was able to enjoy a very significant growth of his business.


Month on month enquiry grew from ~more  that 400% from January to December.


While from a revenue perspective CLIK’s month on month revenue generation run rate grew from 300% from January to December. June 2022 especially was the month in which the Company was finally able to generate free cash flow. Hence as of June 2022 CLIK has been able to generate free cash flow, no longer depleting its equity.


The substantial growth was achieved thanks to the organic growth of both, the number of active members using CLIK services, and the progressive incremental use of our existing client based.

Management Report
The good business “traction” of the company remains tightly linked to the service excellence achieved by CLIK in the previous years and the competences progressively developed at every level of the organization. CLIK’s consultative approach to its clients, not only acting as data company but a as knowledge company in the field of process automation for consumptive and productive lending.


The company has further continued to invest in growing it service and product offering but has also initiated, in the last part of the year, a substantial review of it organizational structure involving:

  1. The organization and separation of duties with in CLIK
  2. The amount of financial resources needed to ensure that each function can run effectively
  3. The systems of controls to ensure Governance process run effectively.


Strengthening the organization and governance of the company is seen as strategic imperative to be able to support the “scale-up-phase” of the company which started in 2022 and that managements expects to see accelerating in 2023 and especially 2024.