About CLIK
PT CLIK is an affiliate of CRIF Spa and joint venture company with other leading technology and service providers in the Indonesian financial industry.

PT CRIF Lembaga Informasi Keuangan, PT CLIK, is licensed by the Financial Services Authority of Indonesia (OJK) to operate a credit bureau.

The CLIK Vision
  • to be the best credit bureau and become the mainstay of all institutions in Indonesia.
The CLIK Mission
  • to bring international experience and advanced technology to the building an ecosystem of credit bureau services that are tailored to the Indonesian market
  • to help financial and non-financial institutions make informed decisions effectively
  • to support the sustainable growth of the country by facilitating the penetration and democratization of a wide range of services.

About CRIF

CRIF is a global company specializing in credit and business information, processing and outsourcing services, and credit solutions. Established in 1988 in Bologna (Italy), CRIF has an international presence, operating across four continents (Europe, America, Africa and Asia) and in over 30 countries.

CRIF has launched and operates credit reporting systems in over 26 countries. In South East Asia alone, CRIF has developed credit reporting systems and business information bureaus in the Philippines, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei, and Indonesia.

Across the region, CRIF also operates in multiple segments delivering a wide range of risk management solutions and consultancy.