Products and Services

The credit bureau operated by PT CLIK aims to provide information
on individuals and SMEs to more effectively help balance the supply
and demand of financial and non-financial services.

What does the credit bureau do?

PT CLIK is an institution that aims to support lenders, as well as other service providers, in making objective decisions regarding the identity and credit profile of consumers and SMEs.

PT CLIK helps consumers and SMEs to protect their digital identity and creditworthiness. Consumers and SMEs can leverage their own data to access financial and non-financial services with the best conditions.

We are committed to promoting the sustainable growth of the country by facilitating the penetration and democratization of a wide range of services.

Identification Data and Contact Details


Company Data with Management and Ownership Information

Letters of Credit

Active Loan & Repayment details

Collateral Data

Active Credit Card & Repayment Details

Guarantor Information

What is a credit score?

A credit score is a statistical indicator that summarizes the creditworthiness of a subject, speeding up the loan application process. It also allows financial institutions to make more accurate decisions and helps customers to access credit.

The PT CLIK credit score is a three-digit number that estimates how likely the consumer or SME is to pay back loans and credit card payments on time.