Ceremonial Signing Collaboration Agreement PT CLIK – ALUDI

On March 9th 2022, CRIF Lembaga Informasi Keuangan (CLIK) and the Association of Security Crowdfunding Companies in Indonesia (ALUDI) signed a collaboration agreement to promote the adoption of credit bureau services by Security Crowdfunding Companies. The collaboration agreement plays an important milestone for all stakeholder involved as it will promote the systematic adoption of best-in-class credit bureau services in this new and growing sector.

Crowdfunding companies, play an important role in bridging demand and supply of financing for productive purpose. Crowdfunding companies offer consumers an alternative form of investment and offer MSMEs an alternative form of funding. James Wiryadi, Deputy Chairman of ALUDI added that the Association has the aim of enriching the ecosystems of services needed by Crowdfunding Companies in order to ensure a strong and sustainable growth of the segment.

Leonardo Lapalorcia, CEO of CLIK, added that, with this collaboration ALUDI makes significant steps forward in protecting consumer rights; by having access to the same tools adopted by major financial institution, consumer can easily and objectively “risk-rank” investments opportunities. To the same token, having access to consumer credit report, will allow ALUDI member to ensure that consumer have an adequate investment profile.