Business Matching : Collaboration for Acceleration in Digitalize Financial Institution in SMEA Segment between IMFEA – PT CLIK

Large number of SMES with rapid cycle of transaction and various amount of Outstanding which reach 25 – 30 Mio, nowadays has not fully facilitated with Commercial Banks. Although most of SMES player are un-Bankable, huge numbers of SMES have huge potential to boost Economic Growth. The existence of Microfinance Institution could give accessibility for un-Bankable player or SMES for funding facilities.

PT CRIF Lembaga Informasi Keuangan is honored to be one of the speakers in the event of Business Matching : Association of Micro Finance Institution in Indonesia which held by Indonesia Microfinance Expert Association (IMFEA) in Hotel Khas Semarang on Tuesday 9 August 2022.

Mr. BERNARD LAYUK on behalf of PT CRIF Lembaga Informasi Keuangan was the speaker in Panel Discussion with Credit Scoring topic, which aligned with CLIK’s services that offers Technology Innovation in Credit Bureau.

In his opportunity Mr. Bernard said that “Our (CLIK) experiences and aspirations in Technology could give contribution for the Transformation of Micro Finance Institution to be Technology-Based Digital Ecosystem.” He added “The Digital Ecosystem are much more effective and efficient in terms of access, features, security, accuracy of information and minimizing costs.”