2022 Annual Report : Financial and Non-Financial Condition Disclosure

In 2022, PT CRIF Lembaga Informasi Keuangan (“CLIK”) achieved an impressive growth of 300% in revenue, marking a remarkable three-fold increase compared to the previous year. CLIK was finally able to generate free cash flow in June 2022. Despite this significant growth, CLIK total assets remained strong at IDR 42,700,000,000, with a notable increase of 23% from the previous year. This outstanding performance showcases CLIK’s financial prowess, stability, and promising prospects for continued success in the future, positioning them as a formidable player in the market.

During the latter half of 2022, CLIK introduced its new product, the Soft-pull report, while also dedicating efforts to monitor the matching system. This report provides succinct data on individuals or companies, encompassing credit score validation and influencing factors.

CLIK demonstrated its dedication to good governance principles, emphasizing transparency, accountability, and fairness. The Board of Directors showcased inspired leadership, making high-level decisions that drove the Company’s progress while adhering to laws and regulations. Meanwhile, the Board of Commissioners provided independent oversight, instilling a culture of responsible leadership.

CLIK’s dedication to strong IT governance is evident through investments in hardware, software, and Data Warehouse (DWH) fostering data security, accurate analysis, product development and sustainable score quality. These measures ensure accurate and efficient processing, aligning with CLIK’s focus on responsible governance and transparency. The Company’s integrity and pursuit of sustainable growth is evident in their IT initiatives.

Looking forward to 2023, CLIK’s Annual Business Plan underscores their commitment to ethical practices and transparency. This comprehensive financial and non-financial report showcases CLIK’s unwavering focus on integrity, transparency, and sustainable growth, providing stakeholders with confidence in the Company’s commitment to responsible governance.